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✿ herb 'o clock ✿

"Herb 'O Clock" is a moment to taste tea, reflect on its qualities and its affect on you. Before creating my blends, I study & create monographs, then sample the herbs with friends over for tea time! The herb highlight is...

Lemon Balm

cooling, earthy, lightly sweet

may be known to calm the nerves and spirit as a nervine, and soothes digestion

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✿ herbal drawings

welcome to bunsó

Bunsó (boon-soh) means the youngest child in Tagalog. Bunsó blends are made with a young heart –to nurture and to bring warmth. This artist-run tea project started after the 2020 pandemic, designed and hand-blended to comfort family and friends afar. Inspired by my family-herbalists who grew, prepared, & also cooked with their medicinal plants –this hand crafted tea was created with their strength in mind. My experience training at an herbarium led me to continue my herbal journey through this project. I hope you enjoy this offering and your mind, heart, & spirit smiles.☻ - celestial kels

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NEW BLEND ALERT: Midnight Butterfly (limited edition)
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